As part of our plan to maintain the highest integrity of both our establishment as well as our members, we adhere to the following policies:

In order to sit for any exam administered by the American Board of Vascular Medicine ("ABVM") and to be considered for membership in ABVM, an applicant must be in good standing in the medical community in which the applicant practices at the time of application and must remain in good standing at all times during the membership approval process. For purposes of ABVM, "good standing" is defined as possessing current privileges to practice medicine and/or perform surgery in the location of an applicant's primary place of business, including, but not limited to, hospitals, surgical centers and medical offices. If the applicant's privileges are suspended or revoked at any time prior to the applicant's acceptance as a member of ABVM the applicant will no longer be considered a proper candidate for admission into ABVM unless the Board of Directors of ABVM determines that the circumstances surrounding the suspension or revocation are such that denial of membership is not warranted.

If an applicant has been accepted as a member of ABVM and ABVM subsequently discovers that member was not in good standing for a portion of the application period, ABVM reserves the right to revoke or suspend that person's membership in ABVM.

1.    The American Board of Vascular Medicine reserves the right to refuse any person membership should they or their beliefs/ethics/morals directly conflict with or jeopardize the mission of ABVM. However, the American Board of Vascular Medicine does not approve or reject applications for membership based on race, creed, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Members of the American Board of Vascular Medicine are expected to uphold the highest level of conduct in their practice of medicine and understand that their membership status may be affected by their conduct.