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Standard Required Documents
These documents are required to register for either exam.
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Required General Exam Documents
Attach this document only if you are taking the General exam
General Letter of Attestation
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(for physicians who have completed
a 12 month fellowship in VM)
View Sample Letter of Attestation

Required Endovascular Exam Documents
Attach these documents only if you are taking the Endovascular exam
Endovascular Letter of Attestation:
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Examination Fees
Application Fee: $250.00 (non-refundable)
Examination: $850.00 - General Examination
$1250.00 - Endovascular Exam
$1750.00 - Both Exams (discounted price)
Total Fees:

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Final Confirmation
The application fee of $250.00 is not refundable. A $75 Reprocessing fee will be assessed on incomplete applications.
Examination fees are refundable only if the cancellation request is received in writing at least thirty (30) days
in advance of the atart of the exam. No refund of examination fees can be made in the event of later cancellation.