Q. What is the examination fee for each test?
A.    $850 for the general vascular medicine test, $1250 for the endovascular specialty test plus a $250 non-refundable application fee.
Q.  Who is looking for ABVM certification?
A.   Patients who have been informed about ABVM examinations (whether by research, word of mouth or referring doctor), hospitals who specialize in vascular medicine and doctors in charge of hiring new employees.  See our Why Choose ABVM Certified page for additional information.
Q.   What kinds of questions can I expect on the test?
A.  See the Sample Questions section for examples.
Q.   Do you offer any review courses for material covered in the examination?
A.  To assist you in preparing for the ABVM examination a board review course will be offered.  See the Review Course section for details.
Q.  I have a question that was not frequently asked; who do I contact?
A.   Go to the Contact Us page and send us any questions you might have.  We'll get back to you in a timely manner.
Q.    How can I find out how many items are on the exam, length of each exam, etc.?
A.  Refer to the Candidate Handbook on the ABVM website for answers to questions like these and other pertinent information you need to know before sitting for the exams.
Q.  If I pass the exam(s), do I become a "member/fellow" of ABVM or do I receive a title designation?
A.   No, you do not become a "member/fellow" of ABVM nor do you receive a title designation. You will only receive a vascular/endovascular certificate upon passing the exam(s).
Q. Are CME credits given after passing the ABVM exams?
A. No CME credits are allotted.  You will receive a certificate by US mail.